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Saying no to plastic straws is easy

Have you ever considered plastic straws and their impact on the environment? In the USA, they go through 500 million plastic straws daily. Did you know that Australians go through 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, with 10 billion being

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Plastic Microbeads in skin care

Personal care product manufacturers, Unilever, have announced that they will PHASE OUT the use of plastic micro beads in their exfoliant products after environmental groups got in their ear about these plastics getting in to the oceans and waterways. These

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Plastic Shopping Bag, the mockumentary

I love it when celebritities lend themselves to causes that aren’t necessarily glamorous. We stumbled upon a fantastically written and well produced mockumentary with the voice of Jeremy Iron¬†- you may know him as the scary guy from Die Hard

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Green plumbing services

We just got a customer enquiry from a ‘green’ plumber. Pipe Perfection provide a plumbing service to unblock clogged drains without destroying the environment at the same time. I’m sure they do all kinds of regular plumbing too, but I

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