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Nicole Bijlsma Interview – Part 3 – Cleaning & Natural Mould Removal

Below is a transcript of part 3 of my Nicole Bijlsma interview. This 10 minute video concentrated on a small selection of natural cleaning questions we had, and in particular, how to clean mould. I have provided a transcript because

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Things to do with Coke (Coca Cola) other than drink it

In a million years, I would never swallow Coke, but I’ve heard it’s got some great applications in place of more toxic cleaning products, which is exactly the resaon why I would never drink it. Thanks to my customers and

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How to get odours out of carpet, naturally

We have recently taken posession of a new warehouse that we’re moving Shop Naturally in to at the end of the month. When we walked up on to the upstairs office, we noticed a musty smell in the air. Always

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