Things to do with Coke (Coca Cola) other than drink it

by Joanne | December 20, 2012 9:12 pm

In a million years, I would never swallow Coke, but I’ve heard it’s got some great applications in place of more toxic cleaning products, which is exactly the resaon why I would never drink it. Thanks to my customers and a bit of Googling for the following tips. Try them and see how you go!

  1. Pour flat Coca Cola in to your toilet, let it soak for a few minutes and scrub
  2. Use Coke to clean greasy marks of concrete driveways
  3. Clean chalk blackboards
  4. Use in kids hair with nits as it breaks down the glue that nits use to lay eggs
  5. Unblock feeding tubes in a hospital (I got this one from a nurse)
  6. Indian farmers use it in place of insecticide (read more[1])
  7. Clean copper coins
  8. Unclog drains
  9. Relieve jelly fish stings
  10. Clean burnt fry pans, bring Coke to the boil in one and then clean out. It helps loosen the baked on grime
  11. Use the DIET version to strip hair dye from your hair (if you get a bad dye job)

And just in case you were thinking of actually drinking a can, there’s been a cancer scare over one of the ingredients. Read more[2].

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