Could your antibacterial soap give you a heart attack?

by Joanne | August 16, 2012 2:25 pm


EO Hand Sanitiser

US researchers from the University of California have performed a study on the chemical triclosan (note, the article we link to spells this wrong as triplosan), found in most commercial antibacterial products, could be linked to muscle impairment in humans, mice and also fish. They also found it could also affect heart contractions and could possibly be linked with heart disease and heart failure.

While most people excrete the chemical triclosan through their urine, Dr Pessah, who led the study, was concerned over it’s use by people who have heart conditions. While the level of usage in the average home may be small, in hospital situations, this is dramatically increased. Read more of the article at Health & Wellbeing[2].

In the August/September edition of Nature & Health magazine, I learned that triclosan is officially classed as a toxic substance and the EWG (Environmental Working Group) have found no evidence that using triclosan in consumer products give any kind of germ-killing benefits. Triclosan is a hormone disrupting pesticide, an Endocrine Disruptor (like BPA is) and we advise to avoid it wherever possible. The EWG study can be read here[3].

The alternative? Just wash with regular soap and dry your hands thoroughly afterwards.
Choose a natural hand sanitizer like the EO Hand Sanitizer Gel & Spray[4] which use a natural plant-based alternative to the chemical triclosan which is used in other alternatives.

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