School sunscreen ban leads to hospitalisation

by Joanne | June 25, 2012 10:43 am

[1]Apparently, in Washington, sunscreen[2] is banned in schools unless you have a note from a doctor. Reason? Allergic reactions. There are so many great mineral sunscreen[3] products available, this really isn’t a good enough reason to ban ALL of them.

This poor child went on an excursion and her mother forgot to put sunscreen on her before she left. The burns (seen right) were so severe, the child was admitted to hospital to treat them.

While Australia can be so far behind in many areas (like BPA & food additives), I am glad that sun protection is an important thing in Australian culture and sunscreens are accepted widely in schools. Although, one of our customers told us their school only allows roll-on, and getting a natural roll-on is next to impossible. Surely if the kids can tie their shoelaces they can rub on some sunscreen?

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