Nano-free sunscreen claims

The makers of Invisible Zinc are apparently in hot water after the TGA asked them to remove references to ‘nano free’ from their website (

Why you ask? Is Invisible Zinc all of a sudden filled with nano particles? Hell no.

Apparently saying the sunscreen is nano free implies that other natural sunscreen brands have nano particles in them and the TGA says there’s no proof of this. Pardon my French, but what a load of utter crap.

There’s enough speculation that nano-particles can potentially cause an issue with people’s health that they should be allowed to mention nano-free in their advertising. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone thought bpa free wasn’t necessary either. Now it’s banned in Canada and baby bottle manufacturers have voluntarily stopped using it in Australia.

If you want your sunscreen nano-free, you can safely choose anything in our store.



Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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