Healthy Breakfast at McDonalds – about time!

We all know McDonalds. Many of us have a love / hate relationship with it. For the most part, their menu isn’t very good for you, but they do have some healthier choice options than they used to &¬†these days and they are very open about what’s in it and listing the nutritional content of their meals. For this, they are to be applauded (along with the masses of money they pump back in to communities).

In this month’s Better Homes & Gardens magazine we have come across an ad for McDonalds porridge with apple & sultanas. Bravo McDonalds. There’s finally a wheat free, low fat option on your menu. Just not too sure about the sugar content though. I’m not sure why it’s not on their website yet, but keep your eyes peeled people, you might be able to eat Maccas for breakfast after all!

As far as the drinks menu goes, I do commend them for putting the 4 healthy options first. There’s a no sugar Goulburn Valley Fruit Fizz, a Mango Fruit Blend, Orange Juice and Mount Franklin water. Now they just need to allow people to fill up their own water bottle with a filtered water station instead of selling Mount Franklin and trashing the planet with empty bottles for no reason and I could possibly walk through the door and feel good about myself when I walked out.

Big step in the right direction.