Safe & natural toothpaste choices

While doing a scan of our local supermarket this week, I was pleasantly surprised to see two natural toothpaste choices on the shelf. Still a pretty poor display considering Colgate seem to have 127 different choices (I exaggerate!) .

We found the Red Seal Herbal toothpaste and also the Grants Herbal toothpaste in the green box. Unless you knew these were flouride & sls free choices though, you’d never know from the merchandising in store. Both were hidden away on the bottom shelf with very little attention being paid to them, and disappointingly, there were no natural children’s toothpaste options on the shelf.

Sadly, in 2011, finding safe sls free and flouride free toothpaste is difficult to do, with most customers opting to purchase online instead or having to make a special trip to an organic supermarket for such a basic as toothpaste. Here’s the brands we have available in our store.



Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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