Choice demanding BPA (Bisphenol A) be removed from tinned food

It’s refreshing to see the dangers of Bisphenol-A hitting the mainstream media. Consumer advocacy group Choice are demanding that BPA be removed from tinned food that are fed to infants and toddlers in Australia. 38 samples were tested, and of those, 29 were revealed to have potentially harmful levels of BPA.

These weren’t no name brands either, three of the products mentioned were Edgell corn kernels, John West tuna olive oil blend and Heinz smooth custard with banana. Funnily enough, today, Heinz have purchased Google Adwords for the phrase ‘bpa free baby bottles’ linking to this press release which states from 1st July 2010, Heinz will be phasing out BPA in their baby food. Looks like they weren’t quick enough to beat the Choice survey!

There are many safe alternatives to BPA. If you are at all concerned, it is wise to research any product before you make your purchase. We only sell BPA free drink bottles & kitchenware and we also ensure all our food packaging is all BPA Free as well, with the introduction of our BPA Free Canned Food section. Many canned organic products are still canned in tins with BPA in the lining, which is ironic to remove some toxins (from the growing process) but not be concerned about packaging them in toxic endocrine disrupting cans.