Clean your sink without using chemicals

If you like the idea of going without traditional cleaning products complete, (even natural cleaning products), here’s a quick tip for cleaning greasy sinks – grab a lemon, cut it in half, dip it in coarse salt and use this all natural scourer to rub on the stains in your sink. Rinse with warm water.

For truly stubborn stains, try the ECOstore Cream Cleanser. Whether bought as a pre-made product or doing a home remedy such as this, using natural cleaning methods is always a smart idea in the home. A bit of discarded lemon from a recipe and some salt can work wonders on stains, your families safety and also your wallet. Try it before going out to buy something more expensive.



Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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