Cage Eggs vs Cage Free Eggs vs Free Range Eggs

After seeing a recent promo on Sunrise where the sponsor was an egg company who had the phrase CAGE FREE EGGS plastered all over their carton with cartoon smiling eggs dancing around on the screen, I stopped and wondered to myself why on earth they didn’t just call them FREE RANGE.

Today, on a trip to Woolworths, the signs on the shelf where the eggs were kept told me the answer. In a nutshell (and in my own words), the differences are:-

  • CAGE EGGS – poor chickens who get locked in a barn and are kept in cages in just dreadful conditions. Please seriously think about NEVER buying cage eggs.
  • CAGE FREE – slightly more fortunate chickens who get locked in an open sided barn but and are allowed to move around. If you can’t afford free range eggs, these are a slightly more affordable alternative to free range eggs.
  • FREE RANGE – happy chickens who get to roam around outside in the sun and fresh air and scratch their feet around in the dirt.

I am usually strictly an ‘organic free range eggs’ kind of gal, but next time I’m at the supermarket, I’m going to try this brand and see how the eggs taste compared to free range. Stay tuned!