Water Bottles – BPA Free Plastic or Stainless Steel

With so many safe BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles available, it’s not necessary to stay away from plastic drink bottles anymore . There are plenty of safe drink bottle for you or your family.

Two of the best known brands of safe plastic water bottles on the market are Camelbak and Contigo. We are going to compare the two of them to each other and to their many stainless steel water bottle counterparts.

Why choose plastic water bottles over stainless steel bottles?

The first question we get asked by many people is why would you choose a plastic water bottle over a stainless steel one. Here’s our top 5 reasons.

  1. Plastic bottles are (usually) see-through – letting you know how much water is left in them and allowing you to see whether they are clean inside.
  2. They are usually cheaper than stainless steel.
  3. Some BPA free plastic water bottles are squeezable, and as such, allow for a greater water flow than a non-squeezable bottle.
  4. They are lighter to carry around, especially important for young children.
  5. In rare instances, some people have a sensitivity to nickel and can taste a metallic flavour to the water stored in stainless steel bottles. While stainless steel doesn’t retain the flavour of any of the drinks you store in it, a very select few people can taste nickel in the water because of a sensitivity to it. If you think you have a nickel sensitivity, please seek medical advice.

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Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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